Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Individualism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Individualism - Essay Example This means that external forces do not have the right over the desires or goals of an individual. This includes the government, institutions or the wider society. Logically, the focus of individualism is the individual. This is because the individual is the focus as people try to obtain liberation. Moreover, people have the right to realize themselves and obtain their freedom. It is also logical that individualism is closely associated with one’s lifestyle and behavior that are led by ethics and positions that are philosophical. The world idea seems to appreciate that western civilization has promoted individualism. This is because capitalism promoted individualism as every individual works towards his or her goals in life. However, some people did not seem to agree with this because capitalism did not provide employment to all people. However, people still fought until capitalism was re-introduced. Arguably, this means that even people in Russia believed that capitalism was t he best was towards achieving one’s goal. In summary, individualism focuses on an individual and allows him or her to independence, which in the idea has been enhanced through capitalism. Body Section One People have over the time argued on the connection between individualism and capitalism. Ironically, this is an ideology since individualism believes that one is above all else. However, capitalism can be argued to show individualism only from an economic point of view. This is because what one obtains economically belongs to him or her. This is unlike what communism believed in, that what one has belongs to the whole society. Moreover, individualism rose when capitalism was introduced. This is because people were allowed to do what they desire to as long as it did not negatively affect another individual. For example, one can make a decision of what to or not to sell in the market or even what to buy. This means that people were free to make their decisions without external input while in the market setting. Some of the essays also agree with the fact that capitalism contributed to individualism. However, individualism is just an illusion (Fromm 329). This means that individualism will never be fully achieved. Moreover, it presented to people a lifestyle that was categorized into classes. However, some argue that the world will be chaotic as each person seeks self or individual satisfaction. In my own experience, capitalism has given me a sense of independence. This is because while earning my money, I am in control of my life. Therefore, I can buy go, buy or do what I want since I have my financial freedom. On the other hand, I also have my goals that I work hard to attain regardless of the goals that my family and friends have set for their own lives. According to the essays, capitalism has contributed to individualism. However, each one notes that individualism is just an illusion because it does not exist wholly. This is because one cannot be a co mplete individual due to many factors that ties individual. For instance, the market may seem free, but the financial ability of an individual allows him to buy or not buy certain goods. Moreover, employees have to work in accordance to the terms set by the employees. Consequently, individualism is an illusion. Body Section Two Individualism is about a person, the self. Moreover, the individual has desires, needs and goals that are separate from other persons. Arguably, an individual looks into his or her interest , does also consider that of

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